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Starting Over – Flash Fiction

The fragrant smell of roses was my wake up call reminding me to savor the moment.  How long had it been?  Was it three or four years?  Shuddering I dispelled the troublesome thoughts that continued to creep into my head, derailing me.  I let my mind come back to the present. Today was going to be about me and I just hoped I could remember how to do that.

Taking my tea, I stepped outside, feeling the warmth of the morning sun.  I sat at the table I had lovingly restored and repainted.  There was a breeze that gently blew away the cobwebs of my past.  I felt almost light-headed as the thought of not one single duty to attend to brought a smile to my face.  Many possibilities suddenly presented themselves and I thought this year’s a different thing – I will not think of you

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Merril js hosting Prosery Monday at D’Verse
We are to write a piece of Flash Fiction or Non Fiction incorporating this line from Charlotte Mews’s poem called I So Liked Spring.

This year’s a different thing - I will not think of you.

Prosery is regarded as a piece of fiction/non fiction of no more than 144 words, excluding the title.

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