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The Darkening

The Darkening

Without warning
winter descended on her heart
There was no autumn
No preparation
Just the instant freeze
shocking her from the warmth
of summer sun
He had arrived
selling her his snake oil
and charms
Light filtered into
her gloom, reviving her
taking her from
the darkness
Like new birth in spring
she had come alive
once more
Everything had meaning
and she smiled again
His gift was now hers
to share with all
Yet in just one
stolen heartbeat
he had left without a trace
She was alone again
Sadness darkening her sunlight
Once more
A never-ending story

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Christine's Daily Writing Prompt
at Go Dog Go Cafe - Never-ending story



I know you are leaving me
and I start to lose control
You are walking away
with my heart and my soul
Not a moment’s hesitation
before you open that door
I am already your history
as I slump to the floor
You take all that I have
And then some more
I am an empty vessel
with nothing left to pour
How does it feel
to have this much power?
This, my question to you
Received a deadly glower
There is hatred in your eyes
and I can see my reflection
A shadow of my former self
I will be your last abjection
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompt



There are so many people in the world who through no fault of their own go without the basic things in life.  Food, shelter, love, income, family and in some cases even a country. Such hardship and suffering exists both at home and abroad.  One thing they do all have is hope.  Hope is omnipresent and deep within all of us.  It reminds us we are alive and there is still a chance that things will get better.  We cling to it as if our life depends on it because without hope there is nothing. We have all experienced some form of despair at low times and we can feel very alone.  It made me realize how just simple gestures from those we know, and also from strangers, can make such a difference to our lives and ease some of the suffering.  A kind thought costs us nothing neither does spending a little of our time with someone who is lonely.  Sharing some food could be the difference between going to bed hungry or not for a desperate person.  If we can be anything in this life, shouldn’t we be kind?


The light at the end of the tunnel
A glimmer of something outside of pain
The thread you hang on to
So life would not be in vain

A hand keeping your head above water
Someone saying a kind word
Breaking through the silence
Like the gentle song of a bird

The five dollar bill in your jeans
That made it through the wash
You’re going to make it by any means
Your dreams will not be squashed

Optimism in the face of adversity
Don’t let them ever get you down
Pessimism is not in your lexicon
A big hug to wipe away that frown

Wishes to be granted
A talk back from the ledge of despair
The kindness of those you don’t know
Who will send up a prayer

A good wish from a stranger
Someone aware of your heartache
A basket of food left at your door
Or perhaps a homemade cake

These gestures are so small to many
But those who are down on their luck
Will absorb them like a sponge
Because that’s all they have to get unstuck

Sometimes hope is all we have
When times make it hard to cope
Life can take more that it will give
But in the end there is always hope

Christine Bolton

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