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As the winter solstice
Comes around once more
The season of illusion
Comes knocking at our door

For those children
Who still believe
That many gifts
They will receive

From the mystical man
Riding a sleigh in the sky
Pulled by reindeer and
No one ever sees them fly

The magic of Christmas
And stories from the past
Will live on for infinity
Until the very last

To those who are in need
And all the others in between
Bringing hope and wishes
Who would ever dare intervene

Merry Christmas

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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In Denial

In Denial

I am living in denial
An island in a sea of fear
Immune from pain
Where no one can hear
the voices always in my head
Sometimes wishing 
for a different feeling
and one not of dread
Too frightened to face
what I perceive as inevitable
What we once had
is now possibly irrevocable
How I wish to go back
to the state of happiness
When you loved me
and wrapped me in tenderness
For now I will remain
Neither here nor there
Persistent in this haven 
Out of the cruel glare
Praying for an outcome
That I can withstand
To return to you or
forever be in the hinterland
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

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In The Long Run

In the Long Run

Like kissing a train
Going down the tracks
Or catching a falling knife
So is the world with you
Danger wherever I look
Sometimes in fear for my life

Jump on the bandwagon 
Or continue to boredom
What is life if not lived?
Dull and predictable
Lonely and missing
Better to be alive than dead

Your energy inspiring
Exciting and contagious 
A miracle in the making
Getting into character
Each day is live theater
A slice of life for the taking

Adrenalin junkie
I’m not sure that I am 
Just a need to be at your side
No matter the weather
We are better together
I’m along for the ride

Flying up to the high
Hanging on to your coat tails
And turning on a dime
Sharing your crazy world
Better or worse
Leaving would be a crime


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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As we trudge life’s treacherous trail

That might be going nowhere

With you as my companion

We might just end up somewhere


For each blind leap of faith

I value our shared camaraderie

In your friendship I trust

It was never mandatory


When you are tired

I will take the lead

And carry you

If there is ever a need


Footsteps side by side

Shoulder to shoulder resilience

Leaning on each other

Impossible to outshine brilliance


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Anita Peeples on Unsplash

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The Fire Within

The Fire Within

An electric shock
Caused my body to quiver
His touch had made me shiver

An Involuntary reaction
To this unplanned meeting
A coincidence worth repeating

The fire began to burn within me
Hoping it was in him too
I was feeling quite the shrew

Igniting each other’s flame
Was it the start of something special
Or could he turn out to be the devil

We won’t know unless we perform
The traditional mating dance
Oh please just let me have a chance


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


In Response to Victoria hosting tonight’s Prompt at DVerse Poets Pub – Fire


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My Side of You

My side of you

One day, just once
I want you to be
on my side of you

Maybe then you
would understand
and have a clue

What it is like
to hear what you say
and feel what you do

To shield the arrows
of words that
always ensue

You would stand
in my shoes
and perhaps get a sense

of how I feel
when you get a laugh
at my expense

To come down
from your castle
in the air

Be at my level
just for a moment
and begin to care

Perhaps then
you would see
what is precious

Something to treasure
and protect
and not contentious

One day, just once
I want you to be
on my side of you


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Perfect

Fandango’s word of the day Castle

OctPoWriMo Poem a Day #13 – If I were you

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

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Different Animals

Different Animals

Anticipating your response
Of what will surely come
I brace for the onslaught
My nerves tightening
As I become more fraught

Vacillating the point
Until we were drained
Back and forth and back again
Wishing it would end
But the winner does not yet reign

Storming off in anger
I see you under the lamppost
Smoking a cigarette
Exhausted from the argument
I prefer solitude feeling a threat

After an abundance of angst
You come back in the house
Our boiling has lowered to a simmer
Your eyes find mine
and hope is now a glimmer

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day – Prompt: Strange Animals

Photo by Maria Remez on Unsplash

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Eyes Wide Open – Week 12

Eyes Wide Open

I had some interesting finds for this week’s Eyes Wide Open.  I hope you enjoy these photos taken with my iPhone.

Have a great Saturday!


A beautiful gate to an equally beautiful property

Pretty Dog Sculpture

Another gate, but to where?

A lovely place to run.  I am very lucky!

I found this thoughtful sign on the nature trail in a local park.

There is even a delightful poem about a tree!

Just one of this week’s wild and beautiful sunsets

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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One little lie, two little lies
Three lies, four
This is how it begins
Hard to keep track
Impossible to ignore

Choosing to go down
that slippery slope
There’s no turning back
The choice has been made
Say goodbye to all hope

Infatuation is a welcome guest
But he obscures your vision
With a diaphanous veil
Making you the fool
Of bad decisions

Improvisation attempted
But not availed
You’ve shown your true colors
A relationship is now in ruins
His love cruelly assailed

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Pull yourself back up
When knocked down
Keep smiling
Although your heart is breaking
Never wearing a frown

Hold back the tears
Never let them see you sweat
Choose your battles
Aware of what you can win
Always appear to be the threat

Get the attention
of those you fear most
Be a warrior
Don’t let them knock you
from pillar to post

Know when to concede
If your fervor can cause damage
There’s always tomorrow
Try again then
If it’s the best you can manage

Primal and ferocious
Is only half of the task
Courage and kindness
Is needed
Underneath that mask

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to D’verse Poets – Because, Because, Because

I chose the Cowardly Lion for my inspiration.


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