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Flicker Of Hope – Poem of the Month – April 2020

Flicker Of Hope

The hope that is
in my heart
cannot be stolen
or imprisoned
I may lose faith
from time to time
but it is always there
It is who I am
and what defines me
Others can
steal my heart
and my soul
Rob me
of my dignity
and self esteem
Break my spirit
But that flicker
of hope can always
be kindled
It is the eternal flame
that drives me
It cannot be taken
away from me
for I am more
than breath and bone
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Written for Christine from Brave & Reckless
who prompted us with the phrase "I am more
than breath and bone"



In its final burst
of energy
the setting sun
leaves the day
with its
and glow
Taking nothing
from us
other than the
it championed

With its flickering
light slipping slowly
below the horizon
the remains
of the day
gently turn
to night
A sense
of oneness
with the universe
A flicker of hope
for a better tomorrow

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


Sue Vincent's Weekly Write/Photo

Champion - Word of the Day
Tonight - FOWC
Better - RDP

Happiness in Installments

Happiness in Installments

to survive one week
without shedding tears
Togetherness for a day or two
but never seven,
The sum of all fears
Happiness serialized
in installments
Each one intense
Gasping for breath
Wishing for the next
to ease the suspense
Carried along 
with romance but
dashed by the dramatic
Each episode
a mystery
Endings climactic
a distant dream
in a future series
Featuring a new cast
of characters and
conspiracy theories
 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:

Hope - RDP

Image by Platelicker from Pixabay

New Beginning – A Haibun

I remember writing the D’Verse Haibun a year ago and sharing that January had always been a sad time for me.  Each year I was consumed with melancholy and regarded it as a black month. 

Little did I now then that 2019 would be one of the worst years of my life. In January within days of writing that Haibun, an MRI on my husband’s brain showed two tumors and he was scheduled for immediate surgery. Thankfully they were removed successfully and not cancerous, but the healing process is long, life changing and precarious.  In addition to other existing health issues and the sudden appearance of new ones, we have been on a mind-altering, life changing journey to hell and back.

One year later we are in a better place but still struggling with the process. I am determined to make January a month of new beginnings, change and hope.  If you choose to turn off the light, then you will live in the darkness. 

Life will always change
Accept it, embrace it and
Never let it go 
 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Bjorn is hosting the January Haibun at D'Verse and has asked us to
think about new beginnings

Image by sunflair from Pixabay



Her aura red
with shades of blue
and gold
Bringing love
and positivity
a higher love
waiting for me
The calming
she brings to me
in a cup
from which
I drink thirstily
with passion
for what will come
 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Sue Vincent's Weekly Write/Photo

Finish Line

Finish Line

The light at the end
of the tunnel
comes into view 
under a guiding star
An end and
a beginning
I now know
where we are
and resolute
with an open eye
on the prize
The finish line nears
A fugacious year ends
Leaving us more wise
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:
Star - Word of the Day
Fugacious - RDP
Open - FOWC

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 



As the last rays of sun
stretch down to touch the earth
and the final leaf falls from the tree
I will still be here, waiting
for you and all that it is worth
Let the darkness come
and smother me with dread
For I will soon know
whether you will finally come
or my fear will tear me to shreds
A lifetime spent in anticipation
of this moment to arrive
When love be requited
and we are together at last
so my heart will revive
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sue Vincent's Thursday Write/Photo Challenge

Sarah is hosting tonight at D'Verse Poets and
has prompted has with poetry about waiting
D'Verse Poets - Waiting
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