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Hopes and Fears

blurred sea waves in rush
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Hopes and Fears

Lost in the current
of my dreams
floating in between
hopes and fears
Drifting towards that haven
between anxiety and peace
Hoping to decipher
confusing messages
laid before me
Who waves the prickly pear
in my face?
A punishment for a  wrong
I unknowingly committed?
Who are these adversaries
in my sleep?
What have I done?
Wishing to shake off the
hands that claw at me
I struggle to wake

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All Rights Reserved

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Wishes that would
awaken a silent heart
Buoyancy of hopes
and dreams
once safely tethered
are now washed away
in your wake
Left vulnerable
and unsafe
Treading water
in the changing
climate of choppy seas
once hot with passion
Now chillingly cold 
as I am left
once more for
an emotional life raft

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


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