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The Clearing

The Clearing

The sound of hooves on gravel
now in the distant past
The ground underfoot became soft
as she reached the clearing at last
Shelter from the noon day sun
was a welcome retreat
She nimbly dismounted her horse
Content to be out of the heat
It was not as she remembered
The foliage thicker, outstretched
She searched for the oak tree
Where their initials were etched 
The old watering trough
where they used to meet
Now hardly visible
and covered in mossy peat
Something always drew her to this place
Why had she come here this day?
Memories relived but soon forgotten
She mounted and rode away
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©
In response to Sue Vincent's Thursday Write/Photo  - Shade

Word Prompt 



The sea was kissed
by the morning mist
Darkness tarried
as the sun struggled
to be set free

Standing atop the cliffs
a wild picture
of windblown
red hair likened to
the Flame tree

Cloak lifted by the wind
she scanned the horizon
searching for a sign
Praying he comes today
as was his decree

In the distance
she espies the sails
The ship moving at a clip
becoming clearer, getting nearer
bringing her the key

A flock of seagulls
Releasing its cacophony
Rose up around her
Its noise summoning
her sensually

Heart lifted from its
recessed pit
she mounts her steed
Galloping to the shoreline
sorrows vanish
once more carefree

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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