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The Voice of Autumn- A Haibun

I find Autumn to be a beautiful time of year, especially if you are lucky enough to live in a place where you can experience the sights and sounds of the season. I live in Florida by choice so I can experience warmer weather year round, but the price to pay is that I no longer see the changes of season.

This Autumn, on September 28th to be exact, we had what you could call a seasonal change that brought many sounds. It’s name was Ian and it was a hurricane. The storm was huge and slow moving. At times its noises were deafening as it shook the entire house. It ripped trees out of the ground and split other trunks in two. Roof tiles flew every which way and rain travelled in all directions and pounded everything it touched. This went on for hours and I would much rather experience the sound of acorns crunching under my feet than the sound of a hurricane ripping homes apart.

Fall is a term for autumn because typically leaves ‘fall’ from the trees. We saw them ripped off along with the branches they were attached to and land five hundred feet away.

Sights and sounds of Fall
A hurricane remembered
for indifference

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Linda Lee Lyberg ishosting Monday Haibun at D'Verse and has prompted us with 
'Autumn's voice'

The Eye of the Storm – A Haibun

I have been absent from this blog for the last few days as I was affected by Hurricane Ian here in Sarasota on the West Coast of Florida. He was a monster of a storm and his eye was on us. It was 24 hours of nerve-wracking hell being powerless and watching the damage to our homes and property occur in front of our eyes. We were without power and internet for several days. Many unfortunate souls have it far worse.

We escaped because he chose to come onshore just about 50 miles south of here but we felt his wrath because of the sheer size of the storm. This is not the first time. We have dodged the hurricane bullet on many occasions in the past. Why?

Is Sarasota…blessed? Depending on who you talk to, the answer is yes. There are various Sarasota Indian myths that the lands were blessed by Native Americans to be protected against hurricanes.
Some hold the belief that Sarasota is protected from hurricanes because the Native Americans who first settled here knew that it was safe from the elements. Others believe that they blessed the lands to stay eternally safe from destructive storms and hurricanes. Still others think that it’s an ancient Indian burial ground on the lands of Sarasota that keeps it protected. It’s likely a geographical phenomenon but I like the Indian myth.

The eye of the storm
Staring at us in the face
Blinked and went elsewhere

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Hundreds of thousands of people in Southwest Florida have been devastated by Hurricane Ian. One of the worst in the nation’s history. The news coverage is front and center right now but it will pass quickly as the media pounces on another catastrophic event to report. Meanwhile lives have been changed forever and for some it will be a very long and slow recovery, if at all.

Hurricane Season – A Haibun

Hurricane Season

August here in the south is so hot you can fry an egg on the hood of your car.  The sun burns your shoulders while you hurry from the car to the store and are grateful for some cool air conditioning relief.  The humidity is so high you sweat buckets.

It is the season for hurricanes so we are stocking up on bottled water, batteries and other necessary supplies to sustain us and keep us safe.  In the event we find ourselves in the of path of a monster, we will have to ‘hunker down’ as is the language of the storm watchers.  We are always thankful for the generator we purchased a few years ago and have not yet had to use, and we will worry once more about whether or not we should have invested in hurricane shutters.  We will know by November’s end if we won that gamble or not.

The names of the storms become so familiar, creeping into our everyday conversations as if they are real people living with us.  For years after we refer to them as if they were distant relatives who had come to stay for a while.  They were either good houseguests or not depending on the damage left behind.  

Those hot August nights
Moisture still hangs in the air
Fan works overtime

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Frank Tassone is hosting Monday Haibun at D'Verse Poets and has prompted
us with writing a Haibun about August.

Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay 

One Liner Wednesday – Go with the Flow

As I am preparing this post, late Tuesday night, Hurricane Elsa is passing us just off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately it is only a Category One Hurricane so the winds are tolerable however the rain is heavy. We survive another one tonight but there are many more to go before the end of the season on November 30th.

This brings me to my choice for this week’s One Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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