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Climate Catastrophe

Climate Catastrophe

Sultry nights linger
long into the Fall
Humidity remains high
and bodies still
glisten with sweat

In the steamy south
rainy season is
alive and well
as boiling Gulf waters
scream for hurricanes

Questions unanswered
through a medium
of disinformation 
Some burying their head
in the silt of the bayou

Denying the obvious
and seeing life
through a prism of
man-made distortion 
and the art of the hoax 

Turning a blind eye
to the soon-to-be
irreparable damage
done to our world
by man’s selfishness

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing © 


Sultry - Word of the Day
Prism - RDP
Medium - Stream of Consciousness
Scream - FOWC
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