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The Gift they Keep on Giving

The Gift they Keep on Giving

Opinions are worth
what you have paid 
for them
Absolutely nothing
They are for the
sheer delight 
of the giver
The all-knowing
If I were you crowd
who really want
to control you
confuse you
tease you
and keep you
under their thumb
Wading through
their swamp of
I know what’s good
for you persuasions
and ironing out
the creases
of their
misguided logic
you make it to
the other side
None the wiser
for their
unwanted gifts
and decide
to ignore it all
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Opinion - Word of the Day
Tease - RDP
Iron - FOWC

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One little lie, two little lies
Three lies, four
This is how it begins
Hard to keep track
Impossible to ignore

Choosing to go down
that slippery slope
There’s no turning back
The choice has been made
Say goodbye to all hope

Infatuation is a welcome guest
But he obscures your vision
With a diaphanous veil
Making you the fool
Of bad decisions

Improvisation attempted
But not availed
You’ve shown your true colors
A relationship is now in ruins
His love cruelly assailed

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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