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The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill

The old house on the hill
was a magical place to a young child
Conjuring visions of grandeur
from a time gone by
Imagining winding staircases
and huge chandeliers
Surely an attic filled with treasures
An old rocking horse, beloved train set
and dusty photographs
How I wished to explore
the expansive home
but it was not meant to be
and remained an enigma

The iron railing fence and huge gate
always locked and foreboding
Mounds of leaves from ancient trees
picked up by chilly winds
Only on rare occasions did we see her,
the old lady who lived there
Glimpses through the window of a face
with grey hair pulled tight in a bun
How we would giggle and make up stories
of her being a witch who would snatch 
up small children and eat them for supper
All so long ago but those memories still fresh
as I picked up the Sold sign and turned the key 

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Laura is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and has prompted us as follows 

For this Poetics Prompt I want us to be voyeurs, peeping through windows and doors of a house One that has no family connections, no memories of our own to call upon .

  • conjure an imaginary house of any size, any place, any age
  • fill it with an imaginary person/people past or present, or ghosts,  or leave it empty with its history
  • make it literal but move into the metaphorical if you wish

Tricks of the Mind

Tricks of the Mind

When the forest floor
is bathed in moonlight
I wait between the trees
Soon you will come
Carefully and quietly
Moving with ease
In the stillness of the night
Your silhouette appears
In your hand I see a flower
My heart skips a beat
In the distance the village clock
strikes the midnight hour
How we like to play silly
tricks with our minds
Wishing for what we want to see
You disappear without a trace
A figment of my imagination
or a full moon lunacy
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:

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Threads of moonlight streaming
across the night sky
weaving an intricate web of light
Spilling into the darkness, creating
A reflection into my mind’s eye
and teasing my sight
The bank of mist that was hovering
just above the sea, short-lived
and disappearing as it reached the land
Revealing upright rocks
reminiscent of lady fingers
on a charlotte cake made from sand
What visions play out in imagination
when blackness becomes white
or hidden becomes seen
Mesmerizing, proffering thoughts
for consideration and anticipating
the excitement of what will glean

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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