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Eyes Wide Open – Week #26

Good Saturday morning! I hope you all had an enjoyable week. Here are some of my iPhone photos taken while I was out and about people and nature watching. It’s amazing what you see when you have your eyes wide open.

Enjoy your day!

This cool looking Chameleon was in the pet store
Pretty climbing roses still in full bloom
I saw this beautiful hawk and wished I had my Nikkon camera
with me! Oh well, another time
Oh how I love shopping at Trader Joe's for their sense of fun.
This little stuffed Manatee in a sailboat was on display above
the cold shelves
Now this guy was all alone just twirling his giant baton in the park.
I hope he had a good reason
The lone fisherman

Eyes Wide Open – Week #24

Good Saturday morning!  I hope you have enjoyed your
week.  The weather was as little crazy here in Florida,
a little chilly for December, and a lot of rain too.  On Thursday
there was even a Tornado that swept through a community just
north of here. Yikes!

Anyway, here are some photos that I took on my iPhone when
the weather was favorable.  Hope you enjoy them.
Have a great day!
A beautiful Florida sunset was a lovely sight this week
This isn't a UFO!  It was a spider on her web clutching some kind
of crustacean that was bigger than she was!  It was just above

my head
An assortment of Ibis and Herons sitting on the mangroves
My dog Grace looking very interested in the wading Heron
Buddha contemplating among the Bamboo trees
This house has been empty for some time (someone's second home)
however, I can't help thinking those Buzzards that are usually
perched there, aren't exactly helping the realtor trying to sell it

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Eyes Wide Open – Week #15

Good Morning!

Just when I thought the temperatures were finally dropping, they spiked again with help from the heat index.  I cut back on my running because I just couldn’t do it for very long this week and enjoyed some walking instead. Even on the coast we were at 99 degrees and these very high Fall temperatures were draining.  The following photos were taken on an iPhone.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

Even on the coast we were at 99 degrees. Some pretty high Fall temperatures

I wish I was going with them … it looks cooler!

I saw several trees like this, all in blossom.

I’m not sure what it is so I’ll check it out. Does anyone know?

Some large yard art.  Pretty horses.

This little guy was all on his own

Pretty shot with the building reflecting perfectly in the water

These heat tolerant plants were beautifully blooming



Eyes Wide Open – Week #14


Good morning!

Here is another photo diary of my week. All photos taken on my iPhone. Maybe some of the photos will inspire your writing.

Have a great Saturday!


I ran into my new neighborhood friend George again!  He’s so cool

Pink Flamingos … it is Florida after all

Some mosaics on someone’s fence

This little Gecko jumped on the hood of my car when I left the

grocery store.  I drove slowly and he was still there when I got home.

He’s probably lost now!

Free Avocados!

Funny sight outside gun store. Do you think the angel is telling the child

not to buy one? The angel statue belongs to an antique store next door

Someone enjoying the weather on his jet-ski

Eyes Wide Open – Week 13

Thank goodness the temperature dropped below the 90 degree mark this week, which made running more of a pleasure than a chore!  I managed to catch a few interesting things on my iPhone and hope you enjoy them. They inspired me and perhaps they will do the same for you.

Have a great Saturday!

This sculpture is outside the Museum of Whimsy.  Great fun inside!

Some Ibis joined me at a favorite resting spot by the water

This butterfly was quite happy sitting on this horse statue

Bananas will soon be ripe for the picking!

Pretty day at the marina

Free Key Limes!  Yeah!

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Eyes Wide Open – Week 10

Good Morning!  Here is another Eyes Wide Open post featuring some photos I took this week while out running.  They were all taken on my iPhone.

Hope you enjoy them and have a great Saturday!

Young Doe

A young Doe coming out as the day starts to cool down

Ibis in flight

An Ibis in flight

Tree Limb Bench

One of Nature’s benches in the park!

Mailbox on tree stump

Another crazy mailbox!

Bench Waterside

A lovely place to sit and think

Grass and purple flowers

A pretty combination of grasses and purple flowers

Eyes Wide Open – Week 9

Good Morning!  Lately I have been obsessed with people’s quirky mail boxes and lawn decor.  Some are really quite entertaining!  As usual all photos are taken with an iPhone.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Leaf covered mail box

Mailbox in disguise!

Tube Dude Mailbox

Tube Dude mailbox

Shell Mailbox

Some crafty work done to this one!


Fish Mailbox

I guess this belongs to a fisherman

Wood Stork Mailbox

I think this one is a Stork

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes wide open!


Eyes Wide Open – Week 8

Good Morning!  I hope you enjoy this week’s photos taken on my iPhone.

Enjoy your Saturday!

White Heron

An accommodating White Heron strolling through someone’s yard

Royal Poinciana

Beautiful Royal Poinciana blossoms

Dog Topiary

I’ve run past this huge dog topiary hundreds of times and never noticed it before.  It’s magnificent!

Birds of Paradise

A flock of Birds of Paradise

Free Library

A thoughtful free library in the park. (See I really do use an iPhone!)

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