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Green Eyes

Green Eyes

I heard the silent meow 
Felt your claws in my back
Words of spite
Thinly veiled
With that grubby sack
Was it necessary 
To be so cruel
Not knowing me
Or ever spoken to me
as you gather your fuel
What do I represent
that you have this need?
To lash out with barbs
and scratch with rust
A hunger you must feed
Damage control
easy for me to handle
The pain is all yours
I am sorry, for you
will face the scandal
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompt:
Damage - FOWC

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Green is the color
I favor the least
It is the color
Of jealousy
The two horned beast

It rears his head
When you least expect
Spiteful and cruel
Wounding deep
Too hard to accept

I always forgive and forget
Have an ability to move on
You however will harbor
And retain your envy
Until alienating everyone

Dubious of everyone
who engages with me
What are they shopping for?
Why are they even here?
Please find different melody

Jealousy unfounded
Is as sad as sad can be
It is unnecessary
And pointless and
It always hurts me

Does it help you to seethe?
And put your ugly on display
Why are you unable to share?
When I love you so much
Why must there be an affray?


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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Evil Woman

Evil Woman

You scarred him for life
Midwife to the devil
So full of jealousy
You egotistical witch
Taking the gift of motherhood
To an unacceptable level

Poor child yearning for approval
Just wishing for the love of his mother
Instead he gets a competitor
A green-eyed monster
Craving the attention meant for him
As if she were his wicked stepmother

A pathological narcissist
Always cruel and wicked
With only love for herself
Doing damage for a lifetime
He was just an innocent boy
Now a man afflicted

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