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and challenging 
this love we share
Testing patience
Pushing limits

Tender and sweet
With soft touch
and thoughtful gesture
Kind words
in tandem with 
welcome strength
A shoulder to lean on
Arms to wrap and protect
Comfort and soothe
of each other’s needs

But storms brew
Rumbling thunder,
electric lightning
and so the bear roars

Tempers flare and nails claw
Words of anger fly
from bruised throats
Wounded hearts cry
in the wilderness
Tears fill the chasm
with a river, unnavigable
Somewhere lies the key
that can unlock
a hardened heart
and begin to release the love

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing © 

In response to Sue Vincent’s Weekly Write/Photo

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Wilderness - RDP
Cognizant - FOWC
Nail - Stream of Consciousness

Open At Your Own Risk

Open At Your Own Risk

Love is joyous 
but sometimes it bleeds
Love is complicated
and gets tangled like weeds
Squeezing and squashing
always into your mold
Our pieces don’t fit anymore
I am losing my hold
Dare to open that box
it is not yours to look
Curiosity killed the cat
That is all it took
You have stolen the key
I was not ready to let it go
Disappointment is inevitable
But you will soon know
There is no silver bullet
to solve our predicament
Beautiful on the outside
but missing the fundament
The key will not bring
jewels of the kingdom
Like opening Pandora’s box
showing lack of wisdom
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Hélène Vaillant's What Do You See Photo Prompt

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Eggplant, Jellyfish, Space – Three Things Challenge

This is my first response to a daily Three Things Challenge from the Haunted Wordsmith.  Thanks for reading!

Somehow Sarah managed to turn her key in the lock as she struggled to hold on to the two overfilled grocery bags.  Her head and shoulders damp from the unexpected light rain. Brushing a loose strand of hair from her face, she entered her small apartment and dumped the bags on the kitchen table. She thought again about moving to a larger place. Having a better-equipped kitchen would make all the difference to an aspiring chef like her. As she unloaded her groceries one of the eggplants, an ingredient for the Greek Moussaka she had promised to make for her neighbor, fell from her grasp and rolled across the floor, wedging itself in that annoying gap between the refrigerator and the pantry where it was impossible to retrieve anything. “Damn it” she seethed reaching for the broom. “Here we go again”. Down on her knees she pushed the handle of the broom into the tight space and tried to wiggle the eggplant free.  It didn’t budge.  She turned the broom around and attempted to sweep it from the narrow opening. As she repeatedly pulled on the handle it started to move. Inch by inch she slowly managed to dislodge it from its prison. One last yank on the broom and the eggplant flew across the tiny kitchen, smacked straight into a kitchen cabinet on the opposite wall, slithered downwards and landed with a loud splat on the tiled floor looking like a beached jellyfish.

Christine Bolton

Three Things Challenge – June 13 Eggplant, Jellyfish, Space

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