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Sipping tea
in the afternoon
staring across
the Serengeti grasses
I spy a movement
in the corner of my eye
and the moment passes
Again, it is there
maybe one hundred yards
a head rises momentarily
Staying long enough 
for me to recognize
the Lion, albeit temporarily
A mutual respect
for each other’s presence
as different as chalk and cheese
He stealthily moves away
sauntering lithely
towards the trees
Surely as oil and water
do not mix for man
and the majestic beast
A respectful distance
to be maintained
is always the very least
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©
National Poetry Writing Month
April 23 - Day 23
I’d like to challenge you today to write a poem about an animal.

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Is it Serendipity
Or just stupidity
Searching for you
Looking for affinity
Hoping for sensitivity
Can I see this through

Hopes are raised
Personalities praised
Skipping a heartbeat
Eyes are glazed
Not amazed
Once more repeat

A merry-go-round
In an adult playground
Is there a better way
You just want to mess around
Another king uncrowned
Try again another day

Christine Bolton

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