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Into the Gray – Flash Fiction

Into the Gray

I sit by the window looking outside.  The dawn has barely broken, and a fine mist is suspended just above the lake’s surface. The silence of the morning has an eerie feel to it.  The sun yet to show itself, hidden by the foreboding still-dark clouds.

Having barely slept my eyes are sore.  Puffy bags have formed under my lower lids. A small price to pay for a night without bad dreams.  It has been four days since arriving at the cabin and I have yet to see another soul.

I venture outside and down the slope to the water’s edge.  Mist still visible providing a light blanket of cover.  Shedding the confinement of clothing I slip into the cold water.  Allowing it to consume me and in the tender gray, I swim undisturbed.  The water washes away the nightmares that had consumed me.

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Lisa from Tao Talk is hosting Prosery Monday at D'Verse.  She has given us the following line of poetry to be the prompt for our piece of Flash Fiction.

"In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed" 
by Celia Dropkin,from, “In Sullivan County”

D'Verse Prosery is Flash Fiction of exactly 144 words excluding the title.

Image by Esther Heide from Pixabay 

Solitary Man

Solitary Man

I am haunted by your words
That lay heavy on my heart
We are only as strong
as the miles between us
Destined to be apart

There is a sense of dislocation
I am an empty vessel
With all the hangover
and none of the buzz
All these things I wrestle

Reflecting on our last night
Sitting in the park by the lake
The color of your eyes
In the moonlight
I melted like a snowflake

I was dancing on air
Until you laid out your plan
You were leaving me
Never to return
I am now a solitary man


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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day – #10 Dancing on Air

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White Lady of Kinsale – Poem of the Month – November 2018

White Lady of Kinsale

The moon had risen in the black sky
Giving an ethereal luminescence
Silver shimmering ripples on the lake
Magical in its quivering quintessence

The place of myths and legends
Mystery suspended in the cool night air
A white vision stands at water’s edge
A commanding presence with her long hair

The lady of the lake a mourning bride
of a soldier murdered by his men
Distraught she threw herself to her death
Forever trapped to roam over and again

Wandering the walls of the Charles Fort
A familiar sight of agonized plight
Grief-stricken for her dead groom
She walks the darkened streets at night

Her trapped spirit  forever nocturnal
Appearing to those who can see
The lady of the lake is still mourning
Her loss forever burned in history

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OctPoWriMo – A Poem a Day – October #7

Photo by Luke Marshall on Unsplash

Prompted by a Tragic Irish Ghost Story The White Lady of Kinsale

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He slowly rowed the
small boat
to the middle of the lake
never saying where
he was going
Just knowing what to take

Peace and solitude
It was a favorite
way to escape
He went quietly
without a sound
his plan taking shape

No one around
to question his actions
No fear of his daughter
Hell to pay
if she only knew of
his smoke on the water

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Tuesday Writing Prompt from Go Dog Go Cafe – Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)

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