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Color Outside The Lines

Color Outside The Lines

We breathe the same air
and bleed the same blood
You see what I see
It sticks in your craw
and we will disagree
Your skin is light
And mine is dark
Our pigments differing
Geography determined
Tempers simmering
The Mighty Whitey
Ruled the roost
We lived under your thumb
Fearing the whip
Taken from whence we come
We still pay the price
For not being like you
We melt in the same pot
Freedom long since coming
We still ain’t got what you got
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Anmol (alias Ha) is hosting D’Verse Poets
tonight. we are celebrating Black History Month
and he has prompted us to write a poem either
using one that he suggested or one of our choosing.

I was inspired by the following
Langston Hughes Poem

"Poet to Bigot"

I have done so little
For You
And you have done so little
For me
That we have good reason
Never to agree

I, however,
Have such meagre
Clutching at a
While you control
An hour

But your hour is
A stone

My moment
is a flower

Image by geir fløde from Pixabay 
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