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Song Lyric Sunday – Laughing

This week’s Song Lyric Sunday theme is Laugh/Laughter/Laughing, again hosted by Jim Adams. I found this a tough one. There are plenty of songs out there with Laugh in the title, but none of them were speaking to me. I did however find this one sung by Aretha Franklin which I liked. It’s called “Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside”. It’s an old song and several singers have covered it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Laughing on the Outride, Crying on the Inside

The crowd sees me out dancing
Carefree and romancing
Happy with my someone new
I'm laughing on the outside
Crying on the inside
Cause I'm still in love with you
They see me night and daytime
Having such a gay time
They don't know what I go through
I'm laughing on the outside
Crying on the inside
Cause I'm still in love with you
No one knows it's just a pose
Pretending I'm glad we're apart
And when I cry, my eyes are dry
The tears are in my heart
My darling, can't we make up?
Ever since our breakup
Make believe is all I do
I'm laughing on the outside
Crying on the inside
Cause I'm still in love
I am still in love with you

Songwriters: Ben Raleigh / Bernie Wayne
Laughing on the Outside lyrics © Music Sales Corporation

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If you have lived your life
To the ‘nth degree
There is no part of you
That is not damaged
Leaving behind some debris

Growing and learning
Through the circle of life
Banging into walls
Running into dead ends
Doing your best to avoid the strife

The happiness is in and out
Like the sunshine playing with the showers
You bask and you run for cover
Laughing and crying
Living and dying like the flowers

You flourish while you are nourished
Taking the food of the gods
Drinking the wine of life
Sometimes overindulging
So what are the odds

What goes up must come down
You take the good and the bad
For every hill you climb
There is chute going down
And sometimes a Galahad

Life is always a gamble
You play the game
You can win big and fall hard
Welsh on your debts if so inclined
But take responsibility for any blame

Never give up on your challenges
You will always see them through
Life is a race to the finish
How you get there
Is entirely up to you

Christine Bolton

Word of the Day Challenge: Flourish

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