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Song Lyric Sunday – Spirit – Lion

Lion, Tiger, Bear, Eagle and Shark are the prompts for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday, hosted by our friend Jim Adams.

Plenty of material to choose from once you start looking. The Lion King is a favorite musical of mine and this beautiful song, ‘Spirit” by Beyonce is perfect for the prompt. It refers to our path in life and need for strength while facing the unknown as in Simba’s journey after the death of his father, Mufasa I hope you enjoy it along with the beautifully produced video.

The Song

Beyoncé recorded this inspirational song for the soundtrack of the live-action remake of The Lion King and the companion album The Lion King: The Gift. It plays in the film during a pivotal scene with Nala, Simba’s childhood best friend and future love interest. Beyoncé also stars in the movie as the voice of the powerful Nala.

The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a young lion who struggles to succeed his father as King of the Pride Lands. The song starts off with a chant in Swahili, which translates as “long live the king.” The phrase acts as encouragement for the lion and his spirit to prevail.

Beyoncé co-wrote and co-produced this song of strength with:

Swedish-Persian songwriter IIya Salmanzadeh, who has co-penned several of Ariana Grande’s hits, including “Problem,” “No Tears Left to Cry,” “God Is A Woman” and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored .”

English dance/hip-hop singer and producer Labrinth. Best known for his own hit single “Beneath Your Beautiful,” Labrinth has also contributed to tunes by Noah Cyrus (“Make Me (Cry)”), The Weeknd (“Losers”) and Nicki Minaj (“Majesty”).

Beyoncé produced and curated The Lion King: The Gift companion album. She said that the songs were inspired by the remake’s storyline, which “gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery, while listening to a new contemporary interpretation.”

The song’s music video features shots of Beyoncé rocking some colorful gowns against picturesque landscapes (parts of the visual were shot at Havasu Falls in Arizona). Those scenes are interspersed with clips from The Lion King. Her daughter, Blue Ivy, also makes a brief appearance when she joins her mom among a troupe of dancers.

Beyoncé told ABC News’ Robin Roberts the concept of the video is “to show how God is the painter and natural beauty in nature needs no art direction.”

“It’s the beauty of color, the beauty of melanin, the beauty of tradition,” she added.

The Lyrics

Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme
(Uishi kwa, uishi kwa)
Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme
(Uishi kwa, uishi kwa)

Yeah, yeah, and the wind is talkin'
Yeah, yeah, for the very first time
With a melody that pulls you towards it
Paintin' pictures of paradise

Sayin' rise up to the light in the sky, yeah
Watch the light lift your heart up
Burn your flame through the night

Whoa, spirit
Watch the heavens open (open), yeah
Spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin')

Yeah, yeah, and the water's crashin'
Trying to keep your head up high
While you're tremblin', that's when the magic happens
And the stars (stars) gather by (gather by)
By your side

Sayin' rise up to the light in the sky, yeah
Let the light lift your heart up
Burn your flame through the night

Yeah, spirit
Watch the heavens open (open), yeah
Spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin')
Yeah (yeah)

Your destiny is comin' close
Stand up and fight
So go into that far off land
And be one with the great I am, I am
Boy becomes a man

Whoa, spirit
Watch the heavens open (open), yeah
Spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin'?) Yeah
Spirit, yeah, watch the heavens open, open, yeah
Spirit, spirit, can you hear it callin'? (Callin')
Yeah (yeah)

Your destiny is comin' close
Stand up and fight
So go into a far off land
And be one with the great I am

Writer/s: Beyonce Gisselle Knowles, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Timothy Lee Mckenzie 
Publisher: Walt Disney Music Company
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Courtesy of Songfacts



Sipping tea
in the afternoon
staring across
the Serengeti grasses
I spy a movement
in the corner of my eye
and the moment passes
Again, it is there
maybe one hundred yards
a head rises momentarily
Staying long enough 
for me to recognize
the Lion, albeit temporarily
A mutual respect
for each other’s presence
as different as chalk and cheese
He stealthily moves away
sauntering lithely
towards the trees
Surely as oil and water
do not mix for man
and the majestic beast
A respectful distance
to be maintained
is always the very least
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©
National Poetry Writing Month
April 23 - Day 23
I’d like to challenge you today to write a poem about an animal.

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Biting The Hand That Feeds Us

Biting the hand that feeds us 

I heard a news story just the other day that the owner of a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa had been severely mauled by a lion, that he hand-reared from a cub, in a ghastly attack witnessed and filmed by staff and his tourist/clients.The graphic video showed the owner entering the lion’s enclosure and suddenly the lion started running towards him in a threatening manner.  The owner tried to get back to the gate but the lion reached him before he could escape and dragged him towards the bushes. The lion began to maul its owner to the horrifying screams of the witnesses.

The good news is the owner is alive and recuperating in hospital with a broken jaw and neck injuries. The sad news is the lion was killed.  It appears that the owner was investigating a strange smell in the enclosure that had been upsetting the lion for several days. If only the animal could have communicated what the problem was, right?  Well, of course he couldn’t, he was a wild animal.  Reared in captivity but still wild by nature.

This story made me realize how tenuous any relationship can be regardless of the species and the love that is shown.  Whether a long term partnership or a brief one, there is the possibility of irreparable damage to the relationship for one or the other involved. It can be as simple as drifting away from each other through indifference or as severe as an abusive situation.  What is it about us, as a species, that we allow this to happen?  In the case of the lion and its owner there was love and respect between them, but there was a language barrier.   Between humans there is no excuse.  We have the ability to speak.  When something disgruntles us or makes us unhappy, as with the lion and the bad smell, we at least, can communicate that verbally.  The lion did not have that opportunity.  As a result he lost his life and his loving owner ended up in the hospital.  In my humble opinion talking to our spouses and partners about everything, good or bad, is the life-blood of a relationship.  Communication leads to love, respect and the understanding of each other’s feelings and enables us to grow together.  If only the lion and the man had that ability.

Biting The Hand That Feeds Us

Mysterious and wild
Beautiful and brave
The king of the jungle
Went to his grave

He was just a cub
When he was bottle-fed
Raised lovingly in captivity
Until he ended up dead

He loved his owner
And that feeling was shared
Until the fateful day
When his owner got scared

Their eyes locked for a moment
But the message was not understood
One started to advance
The other ran as fast as he could

The hand that fed him
Was about to be bitten
The wild in the animal
Showed he was no longer a kitten

The king was the hunter
The man became the prey
No good would come of this
There were no debts to repay

The man is a mere mortal
An the lion is a beast
So a lesson to be learned
Is that man was almost the feast

Christine Bolton

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