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Little boy
What are you doing?
Are you hiding
from someone
or just fooling?
You are lost you say
as you look through tears
Let me help you
We’ll find mommy
no need for fears
You were playing
hide and seek
with your siblings
You forgot how to count
so, you decided to peek
No one was there
and off you went
calling out loud
not finding anyone
as if you lost the scent
It felt like forever
you were searching
No one came to get you
Scared and now hungry
Night time approaching
Voices in the distance
Brought hope to his heart
Parents screaming joy
Their boy had been found
Never again to be apart
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Hélène Vaillant's what Do You See
Photo Challenge

Lost Forever

Lost Forever

The wind tousled her hair
as she stood at the empty dock 
A she-bird in exotic plumage
Gazing at the shrinking ferry  
as it sailed around the rock
The tide-looped harbor
now void of vessel
Empty like her heart
cold and vacant
feelings still to wrestle
Dropped in the ocean
on this darkest of night
Gone now was her love
Swallowed by the ringed-sea
in the moon’s owl-light
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Grace is hosting D'Verse Poetics tonight.  She has prompted us
to use compound words fav red by Dylan Tomas as follows:
For this Tuesday Poetics I’m asking you to write a poem using at least
FOUR of the hyphenated compound words from the above list.
Employ as little or as much of Thomas’ other methodologies too
as but most of all, let’s love the words!
(Click D'Verse link to see all the
hyphenated words)  I chose:

Other prompts



National Poetry Writing Month

Day 16 - NaPoWriMo Optional Prompt
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