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Loving Cup

Loving Cup – Sonnet

Come drink from my silver cup of love
and taste the nectar of the gods
Listen to the coo of the mourning dove
Perched on the bough defying the odds
'The wine will relax your tenseness'
Said he assuredly to the young maiden
She turned, aware of his immenseness
His weight the look of the heavily laden
She accepted the drink with pleasure
As he guided her to the place under the tree
She noticed in her cup the very large measure 
'Why sir', she said, 'is all of this for me?'
'Please my dear, drink it down it will help you'
As he purposely plied her with Satan’s brew 
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to:
DVerse Poets Meeting at the Bar hosted by Bjorn
Tonight Bjorn is hosting and has challenged us to
write a Sonnet.  This is my first attempt at the form. I chose
a Shakespearean sonnet which has a rhyme scheme in
three quartets followed by a couplet (containing the volta) as follows. 

Ending with the Concluding couplet

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