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I am your muse
Your creativity needs me
I feel your love enticing
Guiding me by whatever means
Luring and mesmerizing

Your tactile artistry
Cries out to touch
Feeling my skin
So it may infuse energy
to your hands
Rendering delicious sin

Take me to the heights
of your madness
Exhaust me with your ardency
Torture me with your creations
Use me, love me, keep me
With a sense of urgency


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


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Escape To Solace

Energized by your appearance
Seduced by your presence
Captured by your perseverance
Awakened by your caress
Passion aroused with your finesse
Excellence achieved by your experience

Taken by your curiosity
Overwhelmed with your generosity

Surrounding me with perfection
Overpowering me with your protection
Luring me to that special place
Astounding me with your charms
Carrying me in your arms
Escaping to the quantum of solace

Christine Bolton

This was my first attempt at an Acrostic poem. Hope you enjoyed it!

Word of the Day Challenge: Solace

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