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Case Closed

Case Closed

You carry melancholy
in a suitcase
full of hope
It is a familiar
travel companion
Hope may find joy
but ultimately it leaves you
Knowing deep
in your soul
pessimism rules
In abandoned dreams
from long ago
is where you
find yourself
You surrendered
everything for love
and it played on your
for happiness 
The suitcase remains
closed like your heart

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Laura Bloomsbury is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and
has been thinking about endings. She has prompted
us to use one of the following lines to write a poem
without first reading the work it was taken from.
I chose the last quote:

“You fling it open for the first time/ but I’m gone
M Kahf ~ Wall 


Your heart is a wall on which I knocked
looking for a door, a latch
a windowsill, a flowerpot

Everything I brought to the wall dried up
and blew away for lack of answer:
tulip bulbs, my worry for you, some children

Sometimes I pounded it with my fists
smashed my forehead on it
blamed myself for not having the passcode
hated myself
hated hating myself—started over
willed patience, got advice
cried in a heap against its brick
without getting a stir
so many night-after-nights

It’s a wall.
There is no way in.

Now that I’ve made the choice to leave
your heart suddenly has a gate
You fling it open for the first time
but I’m gone

“As if we could hear music inside the words”
Gail Newman ~ Trust
“Airless and unloved, in the dank basement of the mind”
L. Igloria ~ A Reparation
“Call me to lie down in fragrance.”
D. Margoshes ~ Season of Lilac
“So close that your sea rises with my heat”
C.Perez ~ Love in a Time of Climate Change
“The clear vowels rise like balloons”
S.Plath ~ Morning Song
“You fling it open for the first time/ but I’m gone
M Kahf ~ Wall 

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New Beginning – A Haibun

I remember writing the D’Verse Haibun a year ago and sharing that January had always been a sad time for me.  Each year I was consumed with melancholy and regarded it as a black month. 

Little did I now then that 2019 would be one of the worst years of my life. In January within days of writing that Haibun, an MRI on my husband’s brain showed two tumors and he was scheduled for immediate surgery. Thankfully they were removed successfully and not cancerous, but the healing process is long, life changing and precarious.  In addition to other existing health issues and the sudden appearance of new ones, we have been on a mind-altering, life changing journey to hell and back.

One year later we are in a better place but still struggling with the process. I am determined to make January a month of new beginnings, change and hope.  If you choose to turn off the light, then you will live in the darkness. 

Life will always change
Accept it, embrace it and
Never let it go 
 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Bjorn is hosting the January Haibun at D'Verse and has asked us to
think about new beginnings

Image by sunflair from Pixabay

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Walking a tightrope

Above the minefields

of your existence

I throw caution to the wind

Up here I may fall

A path of least resistance


Melancholy thoughts

And depressing actions

Separate us by degrees

Refusing to let go

Clinging to air

I’m an artist of trapeze


Remaining in limbo

With no safety net

Patiently waiting

Self-indulgent proclivities

Keep us apart but

My danger liberating


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Grace from dVerse Poets Open Link Night #229

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Today I have appreciation
For this life I live
Even when at times I am melancholy
There is still is so much to give

With suffering all around
It’s easy to turn the other way
Thankful for our own good fortune
Maybe we can help another day

Let me walk in your shoes
At least for today
I want to feel your anguish
Perhaps your pain I can defray

Kindness is a currency of gold
Costing nothing to share
Reaching out to the less fortunate
Relieving them of despair

Mirth is not only for the prosperous
Those suffering also need relief
Remember somewhere in your past
You too suffered with grief

Christine Bolton

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The anger finally subsided
We have gone to different places
The storm raged furiously
You showed so many faces

Feeling shell-shocked
Confusion took its stranglehold
Not knowing which end is up
I feel uncontrolled

Divide and conquer
Who is running this game
We are weakened by this strategy
Our sanity to reclaim

Tempers are tempered
Thoughts to clarify
Where does the fault lie
When we both feel the need to justify

Do not stand in judgment
We are equally to blame
We have forgotten the rules
Of this stupid game

An inexplicable calm
Eventually filled the room
A sense of loss came over me
Dismal and doom

You’re no longer here
I am lonely for you
Lets stop this now
I am melancholy and blue

Christine Bolton

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In response to Fandango’s one one word challenge: Judgement

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