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Nobody’s Fault

Nobody’s Fault

Shake the fading feelings from
Hands still refusing to let go
Forever remember lingering kisses
Cancel urges that no longer serve
All the while staying strong
Our only mistake was the taking of
Vows made in haste

Copyright © 2022 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Laura us hosting D’Verse Poets tonight. She has prompted us as follows:

Choose ONE of the lines below and write a stanza(s) taking each word as the start of each successive line i.e. the first word begins the first line, the second begins the second and so on. Basically, we are taking the horizontal line and making it vertical- its vaguely acrostic and I’m not sure if this form has a given name.

Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part
Shake hands for ever, cancel all our vows
By freezing passion at its blossoming
I guard her beauty clean from rust

Quail from your downward darting kiss
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