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Amongst life’s clutter
and noise
I long for peace
For days to do nothing
but stare at a flour-dusted sky
For times when my senses
are not assaulted
by ignorant opinions
and human ugliness

I would recoil and slip into 
a monochrome world 
Matte and lusterless
Black and white
Honest in its presentation 
All shades of grey invisible
and not clouding thoughts
What you see is what you get
and chaos lives elsewhere

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Monochrome – Poem of the Month – May 2019


Light filtering through
the gauze-like sky
Silvery white
against the black of trees
The water calm
on the surface of the lake
Mist clearing too slowly
in the cool of the breeze
The drilling of an early
morning woodpecker
In the distance
was the only sound
Surroundings reflective
of what is most times bleak
A monochrome life
where happiness drowned
Living in grey tones
of black mixed with white
No clear definition
or so it seems
Waiting in shadows
where the sun never shines
No smiling faces
Or technicolor dreams
Is it safer here?
Where regret
Does not call
And one just exists
Does the barometric pressure
Suppress all hope
Suffocating wishes
In some ironic twist?
Closeted in darkness
Innocuous to influences
of disappointment
Where pain cannot reach
Will that light under a bushel
Ever burn so bright?
Lighting the way 
To an inevitable breach

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Just living in your space
Changes the way
I see this world
My glasses are rosy
I am in a better place

When we connect
Regardless of the level
I am on the train
Riding by your side
I see a future perfect

I am inspired
To achieve my goals
Negativity I decline
I am a renegade
Optimism is required

Life in monochrome
Was dull and empty
My elders ruled my realm
You brought me Technicolor
I find myself now at home

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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