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The Neutral Zone

The Neutral Zone

There was a sadness
enveloping her
that could not be shaken
She knew why
and could not share
for it would be mistaken
It was always there
just below the surface
A pool of emotions
One comment delivered
the wrong way
could spark an explosion
The neutral zone
in a divided family
The burden heavier by the day
Allowing others their comfort
While hers was ignored
Gnawing and clawing away 
Suspended in limbo
Going neither this way or that
Appeasing each side
Tears shed only in private
Good for everyone, when
her feelings she’d hide
Not having a solution
for the awful predicament 
She let it ride
One day someone
would notice
how hard she tried
An inability to be forthright 
with the parties involved
Her plight repressive
Fearful to alienate
those she loved
Her symptoms now depressive
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to V.J's Weekly Challenge - In Between

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