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Clean Sweep – A January Haibun

Normally my mood would have been set back in December knowing the New Year was looming.  Historically January has been a difficult month for me as it represented family loss, illness and personal heartache.  This year however things will be different.  I decided at least a month ago that changes had to be made in my life and I took a leap of faith.  By mid-December, and with the encouragement of my family and friends, I was completely focused on the changes and determined to stick to the plan, doing my best to go in the direction I needed without hurting another. 

This New Year’s Eve, for the first time in many years, I actually celebrated instead of staying home and decrying a celebration as something that never applied to me.  Why welcome a miserable month?  So with much joy I released the past like a snake shedding its skin.  I’ll be honest, it was not easy, and there were definitely some bumps in the road to test my resilience, but I am on track.

Challenges face us all the time.  Sometimes they are in disguise and we don’t immediately recognize them and before we realize it, they have consumed us. There comes a point where we have to look them straight in the eye and decide if we are going to be conquered or fight back. 

Stay strong, make your resolutions and stick to them.  Happy January and a happy and healthy New Year!

Don't ever look back
For it will slow your progress
Your choice has been made

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Kim, from Writing in North Norfolk is the host for D'Verse Poets Monday Haibun.
She has asked us to share our thoughts on this New Year.

Photo by Adonyi Gábor on Unsplash

Finish Line

Finish Line

The light at the end
of the tunnel
comes into view 
under a guiding star
An end and
a beginning
I now know
where we are
and resolute
with an open eye
on the prize
The finish line nears
A fugacious year ends
Leaving us more wise
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:
Star - Word of the Day
Fugacious - RDP
Open - FOWC

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
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