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One Liner Wednesday

As Wednesday rolls around again I am looking back at the past week. One day I happened to be in the waiting room at a car dealership and was watching CNN which was already running on the TV. It is one of my preferred news channels. A man came towards me and said he would like to say something to me. I indicated to go ahead. He told me that I should change that channel and put on Fox where I could listen to some ‘real’ news and not the ‘fake’ news. I just stared back at him and said “I don’t think so”. He grumbled something under his breath and thankfully walked away. I suppose I should be grateful for that small mercy these days because it showed an arrogance. An assumption that he was right and I was wrong with my choice of news channel. A selfishness that I am seeing more and more and I am not liking it at all.

So, here is what I am sharing with you this week for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday. I wished I had memorized it and I might just have responded with it to that man. Please forgive the language!

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