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You blame the government
For the news
You blame the news
For more than you can use
You blame the newspaper
For the subscription you can’t cancel
You blame them all it is such a scandal
You blame the restaurant
Your favorite is no longer on the menu
You blame them because
We have to find another venue
You blame me for not wanting to emigrate
Please give it a rest we are at a stalemate
You forget I have already migrated here
Why would I move again because you have the fear
Even our car ride that took us out of town
You were the one who had the meltdown
You are alpha male and king of the road
You would not let me drive you said I drive too slow
You know my car phobia and you paid me lip service
But it so selfishly became your catharsis
You unloaded on me mocking my anxiety
How can I trust an unforgiveable atrocity
Four days of hell that’s what I have been through
Trying to understand all these things that you spew
There are no clues to what will portend
I can only hope this is not the end

Christine Bolton

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