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Because They Can – Flash Non-Fiction

Evil lives in all of us, of that I am certain.  The good have filters, able to sift through madness knowing instinctively right from wrong. The bad have none.  They wear their hatred openly in the guns they carry.  They know their rights and that’s enough for them.  To hell with ‘bleeding heart liberals’ who want to take them away.  How dare they!  

Who teaches this hatred?  What atrocities can bring someone to this place of evil?  What would this person have done if the gun laws were different?  Stabbed people one by one in a grocery store before being stopped after the second victim? Poisoned the lemonade served to children in school? No, of course not.  These are the things they don’t tell us.  Why would they when their country allows purchase of assault rifles to murder innocents in a more expedient manner? 😡

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The 144 word limit for Prosery Monday was not enough to release the anger inside me for the ugliness I witness at an alarming rate in this country.  It is as if we are at war with mankind.  Such hatred for the innocents whether children or minorities. 

Lisa from Tao Talk is our host tonight for Prosery Monday at D'Verse Poets and she shared a very moving poem she found on Facebook about the slaughter of those young children in Uvalde, Texas.  She picked one line from the poem and asked us to use it in our prosery tonight. 

“These are the things they don’t tell us”
by Girl Du Jour, from Notes on Uvalde

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