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Mighty Ocean

Mighty Ocean

Mighty ocean 
commanding respect
of all those who enter
It will take you
carry you, devour you,
even be your mentor
Stand at its shore
void of emotion
and vacant intellection
Feel its strength
impossible to fight
inevitable insurrection
Let its sound
envelop and infuse
the spirit with energy
Live in awe of
its strength while it
takes your lethargy

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Ocean -Word of the Day
Vacant - RDP
Live - FOWC

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Water refreshing skin
washing away tears,
dirt and grime
The ocean carries me
Cleansing my soul
and erasing time

Forgetful of sorrow
Drifting away on waves
Soaking in its energy
A magical sensation
Feeling bewitched
Absorbing the synergy

Touching the horizon
Floating in rhythm
with the birds
Seeing faces in clouds
Escaping madness
No need for words

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:

Ocean - OctPoWriMo
Forgetful - RDP
Horizon - FOWC
Bewitched - Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt - 
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Red Tide

There is danger down below

In the Gulf of Mexico

Southwest Florida’s coast

Today looks like its toast

There’s a commotion

In the ocean

The algae bloom

Is causing doom

Toxins are in the air

And can easily scare

The Red Tide

Cannot be denied

The event is not novel

But it’s certainly awful

Karenia Brevis as it is called

Has left us appalled

Causing humans to cough

A sign to keep off

Dead mammals and fish galore

Line up on our shore

The smell is nauseating

The result devastating

This is nothing new

Just another preview

Of nature doing its thing

Another gift she did bring

Although not manmade

It can still pervade

The planet is crying

Letting us know it’s dying

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

Although it doesn’t always make the national news, Red Tide, doesn’t happen too often, but is very real to us in SW Florida. The loss of our sea life is so sad to witness.  Beautiful Manatees, Dolphins, Loggerheads and all kinds of fish washed up on the shore is heartbreaking. Tourism is also a large part of our economy and it can have devastating effects on businesses and visitors alike.  As if hurricanes weren’t enough!  If you would like to know more about Red Tide check out these links below:



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Love is an Ocean – Poem of the Month – June 2018

Love is an Ocean

Love is an ocean
That does not stop at the shore
It is fluid and full of motion
Able to ebb and flow and more

It covers and cleanses
It heals and repairs
Exposing natural beauty
It discovers and shares

It embraces and buoys
Those who enter
It carries and at times it drowns
It also gives life in its splendor

It shelters and provides
All who dare to dive in
Nourishes and sustains
Those residing within

To swim in its waters
Throwing caution to the winds
May you experience the ecstasy
As that moment begins

Before being castaway
On a distant shore
Where you learn to swim again
As you did before

Christine Bolton

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