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Me versus You

Me versus You

Love is a thing of beauty
Given unconditionally 
with the hope it be treasured 

   Love is not a weapon
   kept in an arsenal
   and brought out in time of war 

Words are shared delicately
In kindness and in the hope
of reciprocity

   Words spoken from a heart
   may not be thrown back
   in anger

Promises are the view into a future
Shared with another in a
commitment of love

   Promises made are to be kept
   and cannot be taken back
   in spite

My white is your black
The chasm between us filled grey 
where we are stuck in muddied indifference

   You are beyond my outstretched hand
   Pretending you don’t see me
   My end is your beginning

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Life Patterns

Two lost souls wandering
Life had broken the heart
Born same place and time, yet
Three thousand miles apart

Opposites in every which way
Growing and learning
Fighting life’s battles
All the while yearning

Affection withheld
When so desperately needed
Tricked by those convincing them
To go there unheeded

In disguise to dupe
Love appeared from the blue
Confusing and manipulating
Never proving to be true

Love was a weakness
It was an Achilles heel
Difficult to hold on to
Like a slippery eel

Pain and torture
Of trying again and again
Handing out life’s résumé
Never knowing when

Some would turn on the crazy
Never knowing what you’d get
Hokey-pokey relationships
You’re in, you’re out, never a duet

To embrace the notorious game
Somehow continuing to look
Knowing each other was out there
Until discovered by hook or by crook

So similar were the life patterns
They were smitten instantly
Their pieces came together
Fitting each other beautifully

Bodies and minds now intertwined
Looking back at the past
Coming from different worlds
And celebrating together at last

Christine Bolton

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