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Time of the Season – Poem of the Month – March 2019

Time of the Season

The scent of orange blossoms
filling the air
The trees’ bloated fruit
already dropping to the ground
The beginning meets
the end of the circle
and Nature’s beauty is crowned
The bald eagle sits high
atop the pine
Surveying the landscape
for his prey
Butterflies fluttering
Searching for the sweet nectar
Lizards scampering away
A tropical paradise
thriving on sunshine
Rain an infrequent visitor
at this time of year
Exotic birds, colorful, 
Long legged and awkward
with no apparent fear
An alligator basking
on the bank of the lake
A roseate spoonbill
at his side
Neither caring
about the other
In harmony they bide
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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