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Your eyes no longer hide the truth
They have become the lens
to your dark soul
The bitterness written
between the lines of your face
Chiseled deep into the crevices
where it now resides
Dragging the once curve of a smile
into a permanent scowl
The magnitude of your suffering
living on display for all to see
Your strange, misunderstood past
responsible for a demeanor 
that pushes friendship away
Making it impossible for anyone
to come close so they might
know more of your story and pain

Copyright © 2020 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Word Prompts
Beginning with “M” - Stream of Consciousness
Magnitude - FOWC
Strange - RDP

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Taking a Knee – Ironic

Like you I have struggled to find the words to respond to the horror of the murder of George Floyd before my very eyes. A man who allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill was immediately regarded as a thief and killed without a trial or a chance to plead his case. Was he a threat to society? Did the police treat him this way for our own good? Absolutely not.

The irony of this story is he was killed by the knee of a policeman. If you remember it was just a few short years ago that quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem in silent protest to the unjustified police killings of African Americans. His action was quickly adopted by many players in the NFL and every Sunday we saw them all taking a knee prior to the game. Kaepernick was promptly fired by the San Francisco 49ers and was ostracized by other teams who regarded him as an unpatriotic troublemaker and he never played in the NFL again. His career was ruined for protesting and highlighting that Black Lives Matter. Instead of acknowledging what he was protesting, his critics were deeply offended by his disregard for the flag and thought that was more egregious. “Taking a Knee” as it was referred to quickly picked up steam and it was adopted by many sports personalities. They became targets of Trump and were treated despicably.

Now a policemen has used his own knee to publicly take the life of an African American. Where is the justice?

Today I am ashamed of America.

Taking a Knee

We watched
as the horror unfolded
He lay helpless on the ground
Hands behind back
Cuffs binding wrists
Yet a knee on the neck
Arrogance and power
pressing down hard
Choking life from his body

Oh the irony of the knee!

Silent Sunday protests
Peacefully and respectfully
to police brutality
Taking a knee
Only to be

and threatened with
silent warnings

You take a knee
and our knee will
Take the breath
from your body

... and they did

Racism lives on
in the USA

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Rest In Peace George Floyd, you will never be forgotten
and your death will not be in vain. #blacklivesmatter

RDP - For our good
FOWC - Thief

Unhealed Wounds

Unhealed Wounds

She saw herself 
again as a child
and wept
the same tears
The horror
of that day 
Carved in the mind
Deep, open wounds
that will never heal
Still Haunting 
Residing within her 
like a parasite
Eating away at her core
Her so called surprise gift
was that of domestic
sexual abuse
from someone trusted
A father figure
A family member
A manipulator
A maniac
A thief
who stole her life
Robbed her of dignity 
Demanding her silence
Here at this very place

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Sadje’s What do you See photo challenge
Word  Prompts
Domestic - RDP
Maniac - FOWC 
A word beginning with CH - Stream of Consciousness Saturday

La Reine des Glaces

La Reine des Glaces

The Ice Queen
Coldness represented
A hardened heart
Once a princess
In dazzling blue
with emotions
Tender and true
Until Jack Ice
doused her
blue fire
Leaving her
with only
a trail of tears
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sarah is hosting D'Verse Poets and has prompted
us with the magical names of seeds.  She asked us
to choose a few from this list and weave a poem.
The ones I chose are italicized:

Black Beauty
Trail of Tears
Lazy housewife
Purple queen
Jacob’s cattle
The Czar
Golden acre
Dazzling blue
Purple sword
Jack Ice
Reine des Glaces
Blue fire
Tender and true

Image by dragonboy7557 from Pixabay 

Blurred View

Blurred View

Seeing the broken pieces
of what is left
of this fractured life
laying before me 
I am unable to make sense
of what is happening
Uncontrollable tears
blur my view
It matters not what
is presented to me
but how I feel
inside my heart
Did I feel it slipping
through my fingers
before it crashed to the floor?
Did I miss the warning signs?
I stare into the sky as
the last light of dusk is fading
Pink hues painted across
the evening canvas
A moment to pause and
wonder at the
beauty before me
but it means nothing
for I care no more
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

I response to Sue Vincent's weekly
write/photo challenge

D’Verse Poets Open Link Night
hosted by Grace 

First Responder

First Responder

I close my eyes
but the picture
remains imprinted
in my brain
The sounds will
not cease
The cries
ring in my ears
and the terrors
I come
to this place
of peace
to shut out
the world
and its ugliness
The sadness
loss and agony
to which
I bear witness
the atrocities
of mankind
they cannot heal
So how can I?
With survivor’s guilt
I carry the anguish
of their ruined lives
Unable to save 
or protect them
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sue Vincent's Weekly Write/Photo

Promote Yourself Monday - Go Dog Go Cafe

The Glass Is Empty

The Glass Is Empty

Through the bottom
of a glass
the world is 
kinder, manageable
For as long
as the buzz lasts
Slipping into
an alcohol-soaked
Numbing the agony
until a different 
pain wakens
the dysfunctional
Hammering the head
into familiar
Looking out my
front door
I see no new horizon
No muse
to inspire
or cheering squad
to lift my weary soul
and reconfirm
my existence
Just a familiar fog
that will obscure
the goodness
I can no longer find
without liquid courage
and confuse
those of us
who see no point
in anything anymore
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

This poem was written in response to
today's prompts and is not indicative
of me or my life

Lillian is hosting D'Verse Poets
Open Link Night


Glass - FOWC
Muse - Word of the Day
Looking out my front door - RDP



I feel myself recoiling
and closing down
Shutting out the dissonance
No fight left inside me
One more spiteful remark
will make no difference
Your comfortable chaos
has slowly eaten away
at my core
Calculated and manipulative
Strategically planned
to wound in your war 
Peace will only come
in my final retreat
Conceding to the last
Words have left me
As I withdraw from the conflict
and leave you in my past
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

OctPoWriMo - Day 31 - Peace

Linda Lee Lyberg is hosting Open Link Night
at D'Verse Poets Pub

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Love is a Battlefield – Poem of the Month – November 2019

Love is a Battlefield

Exhausted from treading
the uneven ground that is you
I step back into black shadows
Craving anonymity and peace
Fatigued from sparring and
exchanging elevated vocabulary
Scratching and clawing
at the remnants of our life
An escape merely a detour
Wishing for better fortune
Avoiding more conflict
Yet ultimately surrendering
to the unseen enemy
For love is a battlefield

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


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Shadows - RDP
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