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As I watch
my world unravel
before my eyes
I am paralyzed
unable to move
Incapable of stopping
what is already
in motion
How can one instant
change what is
chiseled in stone?
A look, once of love
now that of contempt
Foreign, alien
Tender words
explosive, weaponized
One person’s
what was precious
Destroying happiness
and for what?
Sadistic pleasure
or masochism?
 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing 

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Word Prompts:

Foreigner - Word of the Day
Explosive - RDP
Prerogative - FOWC

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You are balancing
On the edge once more
Teetering on the brink
Where will it take you this time
I wonder as my heart again
Drops to the floor

On the verge of explosion
Paralyzed with fear
Will I pull you back
Or let you go
Even if to my detriment
Or do I brave a new frontier

Unpredictability is expected
There is always a blind side
Never seeing it coming
My heart gets attacked
Sometimes I wish for it
And that I would have died

Love going through a meat grinder
Pounded into shreds
What comes out is a mockery
It’s happening again
A relationship in tatters
Lives left in threads

Our nucleus unstable
The contact between us worn thin
Our love’s constellation
Imploding in space
Shattering into fragments
This life in a tailspin

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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