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In the glorious, burning
splendor of deep love
are passion-filled nights
Overpowering and exciting
where all reason is lost
in wondrous heights
The slow, delicious descent
from the euphoric state
is a journey of gratification
Until lain crumpled and spent
in the forgotten ashes
of intimacy and adulteration

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Ash - RDP

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Inner Glow

Inner Glow

An inner glow reflected
from the sky’s evening light
Burning inside with passionate
scarlets and golden threads
woven in sheer delight

Love is fiery and blazing 
A hot bed of inexplicable desire
Warming from embers refusing
to die in the ashes
of a heart’s perpetual fire

Painted across the evening sky
a canvas of erotic dreams
Artistic in its portrayal
Deep and rich with shades
and in twilight it gleams

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Passion reaching a dizzying height
Stars bursting in the sultry night
Two entwined bodies
glistening with sweat
Each one breathlessly spent
Slipping back into the forgotten gown
The temperature starting to come down
Escaping into the darkness of night
Hoping to forget all
By morning’s first light
He had excited her like no one before
Carrying her gently across the floor
Thrilling her with each caress
Murmuring softly
Easing her body from that dress
Reluctant to leave, her feet made of clay
Never had she felt this way
The connection she felt was strong
She watched him sleeping
Deep down knowing it would be wrong
At the door with one final glance
Did she dare take a chance? 
Fly away now
Best to be gone
After all, he is just another John
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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He dominated his kingdom
As a true ruler never should
playing dominoes with servants
whenever he could

Although his indomitable skill
Preceded him in the land
His Dominican queen
could never understand

As head of the domicile
She banned it by demand
His passion for a stupid game
So random and unplanned

Her boredom was of the play
That never tested his skills
Just a game of luck she said
You should work on the treasury bill

Pressured by the queen’s wisdom
Which was pure omniscience
He finally let the dominoes fall
Terrified of her malificence

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Linda G Hill’s Stream of Conciousness Saturday – words that include ”dom”

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Escape To Solace

Energized by your appearance
Seduced by your presence
Captured by your perseverance
Awakened by your caress
Passion aroused with your finesse
Excellence achieved by your experience

Taken by your curiosity
Overwhelmed with your generosity

Surrounding me with perfection
Overpowering me with your protection
Luring me to that special place
Astounding me with your charms
Carrying me in your arms
Escaping to the quantum of solace

Christine Bolton

This was my first attempt at an Acrostic poem. Hope you enjoyed it!

Word of the Day Challenge: Solace

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Looking For The Other Half

The Word of The Day Challenge for June 17 is Moiety. Admittedly I had to look this one up, but I’m thankful to learn its meaning.  It’s definition according to Merriman-Webster’s dictionary is “Moiety: one of two equal parts – Half” It reminded me of a Plato allegory that I discovered some years ago and instantly loved. It’s a beautiful story and worth the read. Here is a brief synopsis of the lengthy document I found on theconversation.com with some links to the Symposium if you are interested.

“In the beginning, humans were androgynous. So says Aristophanes in his fantastical account of the origins of love in Plato’s Symposium. Not only did early humans have both sets of sexual organs, Aristophanes reports, but they were outfitted with two faces, four hands, and four legs. These monstrosities were very fast – moving by way of cartwheels – and they were also quite powerful. So powerful, in fact, that the gods were nervous for their dominion. Wanting to weaken the humans, Zeus, Greek king of Gods, decided to cut each in two, and commanded his son Apollo “to turn its face…towards the wound so that each person would see that he’d been cut and keep better order.” If, however, the humans continued to pose a threat, Zeus promised to cut them again – “and they’ll have to make their way on one leg, hopping!” The severed humans were  a miserable lot, Aristophanes says. “[Each] one longed for its other half, and so they would throw their arms about each other, weaving themselves together, wanting to grow together.” Finally, Zeus, moved by pity, decided to turn their sexual organs to the front, so they might achieve some satisfaction in embracing.”

I find this story very romantic.  For those of us who believe in soulmates and two halves making a whole, this allegory would seem to confirm our thoughts.  I found it buried in a self-help relationship book that someone had recommended to me.  I felt better instantly because I always had an indescribable feeling my whole life that something was missing.  As if I were limping through life with only one leg. For fear of sounding dramatic, the book, and Plato’s allegory, changed my way of thinking about life and the universe.  We waste too much time searching for the wrong things and not realizing that it is us who hinder our own progress.   I hope you enjoyed this. Christine Bolton Word of the day Challenge: Moiety Follow Poetry For Healing on WordPress.com

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