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In the glorious, burning
splendor of deep love
are passion-filled nights
Overpowering and exciting
where all reason is lost
in wondrous heights
The slow, delicious descent
from the euphoric state
is a journey of gratification
Until lain crumpled and spent
in the forgotten ashes
of intimacy and adulteration

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Glorious WotD
Ash - RDP

Image by Dayron Villaverde from Pixabay 

Surreal Dream

Surreal Dream

Dressed in white
I walked barefoot
on the surface of the moon
When upon me came
a carriage and horses
in the month of June
The sound of hoofbeats
on gravel evoked a memory
of a long-forgotten tune
and in the distance
I saw the dish running
away with the spoon
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Linda Lee Lyberg of Charmed Chaos
is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and
has prompted unto write something
surreal .

Word Prompts:

Sound - RDP
Carriage - FOWC

Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay 

Armor – A Quadrille


Sealed tight
like a drum
Nothing gets in
or out
It cannot be undone   
That’s the way
it became
When deciding
to forsake our love
leaving me in shame   
Coming upon me
a brazen charmer
Knowing now
there is no crack
in my armor           
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

De Jackson, aka Whimsy Gizmo is
hosting Monday Quadrille at
D'Verse Poets tonight and has
prompted us to write a quadrille
with the word 'Crack'

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly
144 words excluding the title

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Mirrored Dreams

Mirrored Dreams

Today I dream
staring at the
mirror lake
I watch as a family
of eider duck
scores the glass surface
The serenity
of movement
in contrast to the
laboring below

Wishing for that
same veneer
of self confidence
While inside
quaking with fright
To project one side
while experiencing
the other
The contrast seemingly

My eyes look
to the drifting clouds
Where faces are
formed in the
constant motion
Colors changing 
the inevitability 
of rainfall
ready to release

Continuing my reverie
to the soft green
hillsides where
I imagine the
Purple heather
blanketing the
gentle slopes
dotted with wild
bushes of 
golden gorse

Lost in the beauty
of the scene
Feeling peaceful
The elements
filling me with
and hope
As always
I find answers
in my dreams

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sue Vincent’s write/photo - Glass

Word Prompts
SoCS - Dream
RDP - Imperceptible
WotD - Prediction

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