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It’s A Dog’s Life

It’s A Dog’s Life

I follow as a puppy
to the ends of the earth,
loving unconditionally 
and forgiving all your sins
My time here is
to please only you
You smile at my idiosyncrasies
Scratching your head
at what I do
Whether I chase my tail
trying to find the answers
or digging and digging
away at something
until I reach China
I hope like me you will one day
sniff out what’s new and different
and travel with the windows down
once in a while
and never, ever hold a grudge
We have so much to learn
from each other
but one thing we will never do
is bite the hand that feeds us
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Kim at Writing in North Norfolk is hosting D'Verse Poets
tonight and has prompted us with writing a poem in the first person
that compares some trait of ours with something animal.
It should not be a whale, but another creature (mammal, fish, bird,
insect, etc.) with which we have something in common. The title
should be the animal thing, in the same way Marjorie Saiser chose
‘The Print the Whales Make’.

Image by Nikki Luijpers from Pixabay 

Dreams Are Free – Flash Fiction

Dreams Are Free

She sat quietly in the small space she’d discovered on the top floor of her uncle’s house.  A box room, probably meant for storage, but there was a chair, some old boxes of books and small window overlooking the lake.  

She was reflecting on recent events that had brought her here.  The hectic comings and goings of visitors had given her an excuse to disappear for a while.

Grateful for the solace of the tiny room, she let her mind wander wherever it chose to go.  A sudden knock on the door made her jump.

“Ella. Are you in there?”, said her cousin Joel.

She wondered how long before someone came looking.

“What are you doing?” He demanded.  “We need to talk”

She replied reluctantly, “Joel, if you are a dreamer, come on in.  If not, then you can just let me be. OK?”

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing

All Rights Reserved

Lillian is hosting Prosery Monday at D'Verse Poets tonight and has
prompted us with the line "If you are a dreamer, come on in".
The line is from Shel Silverstein’s poem, Invitation, as published
in his wonderful book, Where the Sidewalk Ends.
We are to write a piece of Flash Fiction no more that 144 words long,
excluding the title, and MUST use the prompt line as stated.

Image by Gaby Stein from Pixabay 
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