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You suck the sun
from the sky
and empty the clouds
Draining life’s energy
from the core
Shaking death
from its shrouds

As each hour and day passes
Your mood gains momentum
This has only just begun
Once you cross the Rubicon
there’s no going back
Influencing the outcome

As you set the tone for the day
Something is about to unfold
The lustre of life already dulled
Your decision is made
No opportunity to disagree
I am the deer that has to be culled

You wield your power
As only you can
Threatening and accusing
Jeopardizing my future
Throwing it in a drawer
For you, that’s amusing

Denying me what I hold dear
is a betrayal of my trust
I am exasperated by your hostility
You have become a dictator
An authoritarian, a bully
No longer seeing my fragility


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #22 – Betrayed

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Cuban Crisis

Cuban Crisis

She was pulled towards
the whiff of cigar smoke
in the still night air
Pungent yet sweet
it was magnetic
Luring her into the snare

He stood in a cloud
of the scented haze
enjoying his vice
She watched quietly
for a few moments
debating her own advice

She had pretended interest
in the Cuban cigar
knowing it would intrigue
He invited her easily
to step outside
But was she out of his league?

He was holding an object
in his outstretched hand
as she approached
Just as she had thought
a fat cigar for her
She knew she had been caught

He laughed at her look
She was an easy read
He had got her good
Men don’t want women
to smoke cigars
If only they understood


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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White Lady of Kinsale – Poem of the Month – November 2018

White Lady of Kinsale

The moon had risen in the black sky
Giving an ethereal luminescence
Silver shimmering ripples on the lake
Magical in its quivering quintessence

The place of myths and legends
Mystery suspended in the cool night air
A white vision stands at water’s edge
A commanding presence with her long hair

The lady of the lake a mourning bride
of a soldier murdered by his men
Distraught she threw herself to her death
Forever trapped to roam over and again

Wandering the walls of the Charles Fort
A familiar sight of agonized plight
Grief-stricken for her dead groom
She walks the darkened streets at night

Her trapped spirit  forever nocturnal
Appearing to those who can see
The lady of the lake is still mourning
Her loss forever burned in history

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing

All Rights Reserved

OctPoWriMo – A Poem a Day – October #7

Photo by Luke Marshall on Unsplash

Prompted by a Tragic Irish Ghost Story The White Lady of Kinsale

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