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Drowning Girl – Pop Art

Drowning Girl

Cry me a river, he said
cold and cruel
words laced with sarcasm
playing me for a fool
Driving away
and leaving me alone
my tears fell in puddles
in this place unknown
The water rising quickly
and on a current so strong
I am carried away
I did nothing wrong
I don’t care
I'd rather sink
than call Brad for help
What do you think?

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Victoria is today’s host of dVerse Poets.
She has prompted us with Pop Art, asking
us to choose an iconic piece and write a
poem about it. I chose "Drowning Girl"
by Roy Lichtenstein.

Considered a cornerstone of Lichtenstein’s
work, Drowning Girl is sometimes also
referred to as ‘I Don’t Care! I’d Rather Sink’.
The printing method and the use of speech
balloon to convey thoughts give the painting
an appearance of a comic book page.
The heroine appears a victim of an unhappy
love affair who would rather drown than
ask for her lover’s help.

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