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Once Bitten …

Once Bitten …

Cautious and careful
My options remain open
when it comes to you
Requirements have changed
You will never again be
the only arrow in my quiver
Experience has taught me
you are dangerous for my heart
and I must protect it
No more will I slide
down the slippery slope
of your empty words
I remain vigilant that you will
not see my vulnerability
I wear these rituals like 
Impenetrable armor
But somewhere in my mind
I want to think that in the end
there is always hope

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Word Prompts

Stream of Consciousness- Hope
Word of the Day - Require
FOWC - Slope



As the sun casts its long shadows
and the eventual darkness threatens
I wipe the tear from your face
and hold you close to me
Taking on your pain so you,
my child, suffer no more
Your wellbeing my utmost concern
Protecting you from the bad dreams
that will surely come this night
Yes, the demons are always there
Unseen, invisible to the eye
Lurking in the hidden crevices
of your young mind
Thriving on your fear
But tonight they will not reach you
It is fortuitous that I am here
with you and I fear nothing
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Wellbeing - WotD
Fortuitous - RDP
Shadow - FOWC



As I look into your eyes

Listening to whimpering cries

I know I am smitten

Nothing can spoil

or attempt to foil

Because it has been written


From my strength you draw

life’s blood in your claw

as you take shelter

But the lies and conceit

will always repeat

Know that in hell you will swelter


For you I will fight tigers

And deal with the liars

In order to insulate

I promise to keep you safe

Until my hands are chafe

My life’s work to facilitate


Your beauty is brilliant

Your body resilient

You are surely tough

A blast from the skies

In rain it cries

No umbrella is enough


My love will you protect

and never neglect

as long as I do live

I’ll shelter you from harm

your enemies disarm

and forever forgive


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Umbrella – OctPoWriMo – Poem a Day #15

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Escape To Solace

Energized by your appearance
Seduced by your presence
Captured by your perseverance
Awakened by your caress
Passion aroused with your finesse
Excellence achieved by your experience

Taken by your curiosity
Overwhelmed with your generosity

Surrounding me with perfection
Overpowering me with your protection
Luring me to that special place
Astounding me with your charms
Carrying me in your arms
Escaping to the quantum of solace

Christine Bolton

This was my first attempt at an Acrostic poem. Hope you enjoyed it!

Word of the Day Challenge: Solace

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Eyes stinging
From the salt of her tears
She sought solace
To allay her worst fears

What brought her to this point
Had her words been that obtuse
Clearly misunderstood
The reaction had bordered on abuse

The old church beckoned her
From the darkness of her soul
She entered quietly, slipping into a pew
Struggling to keep emotions under control

The silence was a medicine
Strengthening her muddled brain
The polished wood and architecture
Seemed to soothe her pain

With her head bent low
The tears she did release
Feeling the protection of this place
Wrap its arms around her offering peace

Her body shook with emotion
Sadness was overwhelming
The pain in her heart
Mercilessly unrelenting

When spent of sorrow
She allowed the silence to fall
Enveloping her body
Like a prayer shawl

Stepping into the aisle
Her hand rested on a marble column
Finding it smooth and comforting
Not austere or solemn

Walking towards the altar
She felt a presence beside her
There was no one there
But she knew it offered succor

Drawn to this sanctum for a reason
Of this she was sure
The weight on her shoulders
Was no longer there

Christine Bolton

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