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Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now the love has gone 
and open wounds will not heal
Wanting to move on
but paralyzed limbs
are planted in stone
Neither wanting to make a decision
Who will go first
to choose freedom?
Is that what it will be? Free from each other?
Did we try hard enough, if at all?
Too in love to let it go
and break the tie that binds
Who is fooling who?
The love is missing
What magnetic force is in play?
Is it time to rip off the Band Aid
we plastered on the cuts and bruises
from angry words weaponized?
Time to stop kissing better
those things that won’t ever?
I will mourn each day
Because he is gone
You are now living in his body
But you are not him
You are a shadow of who he once was
You look like him
But you are someone else
A person I don’t know
A stranger in my midst
who sees someone else
when he looks at me
Where do we go from here?

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? 

In your shadow
I exist
losing myself
long ago
Content to be here
loving you
and being with you
As years go by
I remember me
The vibrancy
How I’d turn heads
when I entered
rooms full with people
Speaking freely
I could spin a story
and amuse
I would attract
with my voice
and laughter
This is how you
found me
Drawn to me
by a magnetic pull
and here I stayed
with you as
my private audience
Now, no one knows
my name
I am seen
but no one sees me
I feel the strain
Who have I become?
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

OctPowriMo - The prompt today is Who am I?
I actually wrote and posted this poem in the
summer. I am rebloggong it as it fits today's
prompt perfectly.

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Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

How I long for
the spontaneity of youth
Driven by fervid emotion
That carefree blindness
to all that fears me now
A life void of devotion
No one is there any longer
to catch me if I fall
There is too much to chance
Is the risk worth the loss?
Mine alone to bear
Or do I take a different stance? 
Oh, to reverse the aging process
That takes away looks
as well as confidence
Always second guessing 
Doubting intelligence and
questioning one’s prominence

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Youthful - WotD
Fervid - RDP
Reverse - FOWC

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Wishing to feel numb
As an object floating down a river
No thoughts in my head
Luxurious indifference
Ignoring what must be considered
Until I pull the last thread

Not wanting to feel anymore
Bone and muscle crushing pain
Body aching from the anguish
Mind full of blackness
Dark thoughts of anger
Unable to vanquish

Moving in slow motion
Ignoring the sounds in my head
Careful not to experience
More of the same debilitating madness
Avoiding the inevitable outcome
Preferring one more day of tarriance

Not being able to choose who loves us
Standing open hearted and vulnerable
Selecting those who deliver misery
How low is that bar we refuse to hold high
Inevitably making it possible
For enemies to write our history

Beauty turned to ashes
Crumbled words spoken
Hearts broken into shards of glass
Amorous touches brushed away
Love murdered with malice
Ultimately arriving at an impasse

If time is an illusion
Years together count for nothing
Then what matter is the waste
If treated with disdain
Expendable thoughts, disposable feelings
All that’s left is a bitter aftertaste

Leave me in peace
To release the past
Yearning for blissful oblivion
Memories cruelly haunting
Demands that will never be met
Unable to meet your criterion

Moving forward in silence
Embracing the blindside
Avoiding each another
Are we practicing being alone
Remembering how it was
When there was no one other

Christine Bolton

In response to The Daily Word Challenge: Amorous

Daily Word Prompt: Blindside

Fandango Words of The Day: Object

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What Happened To Us?

What happened to us?

Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses
Lady Liberty welcomes you
You can escape the classes

Come here, it will be safe
You will be able to flourish
Bring your family with you
So they can be nourished

America was founded
So those could flee
Oppression in their native land
Come to America and be free

Sadly this is not the case anymore
America has its own oppressor
Preposterous that he has been allowed
To become an aggressor

Putting children in cages
What a despicable plan
Crying for their Mama
The work of a bogeyman

How can this happen here
His party is enabling
He speaks only to his base
Dividing and dismantling 

This is so far removed from liberty
What kind of person cannot relate
To the plight of these families
America is no longer great

Christine Bolton

Fandango one Word Challenge Preposterous

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