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Magic Moment

Magic Moment

The late afternoon air
carried a scent of rainfall
Dried and thirsty grass
finally refreshed
Sunshine cast its spell
in dramatic fashion
reflecting moisture
Impacting the landscape
with a rainbow painted
against the grey clouds
and that magic moment was complete

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Word Prompts

Rainbow - RDP
Impact - FOWC
Scent - Stream of Consciousness
Open link - Earthweal

Redemption – Poem of the Month – July 2018


The morning star
Still visible in the early sky
A whisper of a breeze stirs the bushes
Releasing a butterfly

Big, lazy drops of rain
Fall dampening my hair
A dog barks in the distance
Under someone’s back stair

A cardinal sits high on a branch
Capturing the essence in his morning song
Squirrels squeak their messages
As if to play along

A plethora of flowers drink the rain
Puddles waiting to evaporate
Sunshine hiding inside clouds
Ready for the drops to dissipate

Raising my arms to the sky
I unfold the origami of my limbs
Stretching, hands open to the universe
And send up my sins

Another new day is here
Another chance for redemption
My thoughts become clear
As I witness the sun’s ascension

Gratitude warms my body
I know I have been blessed
The sun reflects the raindrops
And a rainbow manifests

Christine Bolton

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