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Eyes Wide Open – Week # 27

Another Saturday morning rolls around and time for me to share some more iPhone photos as I go about my daily business of connecting with the world around me. These are all just random shots of things that catch my eye. I find them interesting but they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder! See what you think.

Have a great Saturday!

PS. My schedule will be changing in the coming weeks so I will be putting the Eyes Wide Open section of my blog on a temporary hold until I have more time to take these fun photos to share. I will still be writing and participating in the fun things!

Well hello there little bird….I can see you

Some cool looking clouds

These jellyfish are at our local Aquarium and Marine Research Center

My dog Grace found the tortoise I frequently see on my walk along the nature trail

This was a really nice place to sit and catch your breath after a run

See, Climate Change is real. This sign was on the waterfront next to the above bench

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