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Rebirth – Poem of the Month – December 2021


Although feeling dutiful
I bear no responsibility
for your life, your happiness,
your faults
I cannot heal you with my kindness

My blunted wire cutters 
useless against the barbed wire
of a venomous man-child 
A pit bull on a pant leg
Shaking life from me

Gnawing away
at my compliant being
until reality
is distorted and blurred

Wanting to believe in love
I have scraped away
at the bottom of the well
Hearing the dull, empty sound
of nothing 

Doing what I need to do
I declare
I am strong
I am willful
I will not shrink or break

I will explore and expand
away from you
who depletes my energy
and poisons
my heart with toxins

A Phoenix rising
from her own ashes of death
The rebirthing of a soul 
in spiritual enlightenment
I am free

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

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Who controls the pecking order of life?
Because I’m on the outside
looking in

Nose against the window
like the proverbial stepchild
Taking it on the chin

Living on the edge of the herd
Feeling like the runt of the litter
These are the emotions I bear

Easy to slip into a depression
Dragging others down
Wishing I wasn’t there

Just feeling that life
is dealing me the cards
of endless misery

The ones you fold
so the others would win
Like some kind of trickery

the color of my life
I fall through the cracks

Constantly trying to scale
that overgrown fence
Just once wishing to relax

Feeling imperfect
But knowing I’m not
All I want is a chance

Look at me I’m here
Just like you
Give me a second glance

Determined to begin again
And experience a rebirth
My stellar light will shine

Brighter than before
You’ll concern me no longer
I’ll be stronger next time


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing©

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