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Up on the Roof – An Ekphrastic Poem

Up On The Roof

As the last shirt was pegged to the line
her hands went to her back
and massaged the aching muscles
that had borne the weight of her labor
The wind was in full force and the sky bright
She knew the linens would dry quickly this day
Her spirits lifted briefly at the thought
of an early finish to her day’s work
but knowing by then the sun would be almost gone
She wished for the wind to carry her away
from this drudgery and servitude
Young in age but weary in spirit
These moments alone on the roof
were precious times for her to dream
of how life could perhaps be one day

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Merrel is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and has prompted us to
write a 'March Wind Ekphrastic Poem' by selecting on of four
paintings about the wind that she suggested and to use it as
the prompt for our poem.  I chose 'Sun and Wind on the Roof'
by John Sloan. 

Enjoy Up On The Roof by The Drifters

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