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Empty Shell

Empty Shell

I am dead
Inside a heart beats
Tears fill tired eyes
Blood runs through veins
A pulse can be felt
Yet I feel nothing
Robbed of joy
Pleasure denied
Happiness stolen
I am an empty shell
A shadow of my former self
and I know who killed me

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Lillian is hosting Poetics at D'Verse tonight and has prompted us with
a list of movies that have won a Razzie for the worst film.  From the list
she provided I chose a 2007 movie called 'I Know Who Killed Me'

Questioning Myself

I am the status quo
My temperament even
Contained and rarely sad or angry
Life is too short for either
I rationalize the ups and downs of my life
Easily, effortlessly and with thought for others
This is who I have learned to be
When your sweet soul gets lost in your indignation
The dark shadow encompasses you and all in your path
Which includes me
I dread it
It comes from nowhere and swiftly
It swallows me
Stripping me of my composure
Sucking me into the abyss of whatever has displeased you
You feel justified in your state
And question my emotions
That are now so unraveled and visible
You have no patience with me
And you are now challenging in your address
You feel justified by your displeasure and subsequent rant
And you cannot understand why I do not agree
How does this happen?
I fear it and when it comes
It is as if struck by your words
It is not a happy time
I struggle to get past it
I sweep it under the carpet and pretend it didn’t happen
I enable you
By doing so you get a free pass to do it again
What does that say about me?

Christine Bolton

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