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Teak decks
warm to the bare foot
Soft wind blowing
the sails of romance
Pure white
against a backdrop
of grey-blue skies
and cotton puff clouds
Tousled hair
framing a face
with sun-kissed cheeks
The glowing embers
of sunset
reflected in her eyes
and the delight
of sailing in the smile

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing © 

Sarah is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight
and has asked us to be inspired by boats

Image by Francine Sreca from Pixabay 

Nature’s Gift

The cooling breeze was welcome
An antidote to the sweltering day
Giving way for an enjoyable walk
Along the front of the bay

Pelicans sitting on the pilings
Watching the fish brought from the boats
Patiently waiting for scraps
To guzzle down their throats 

Rounding the marina
Observing the luxury on display 
A family posing for pictures
On their own special day

Dogs being walked
Children playing on the grass
Couples picnicking on blankets
Champagne drunk from cut glass

Kayaks traversing the water
Paddle boarders staying upright
Sails blocking the low sun
As day prepares for night

Seagulls emphatically cawing
Only they know at whom
Food has probably been espied
A plan of action one assumes

Some dolphins frolic off the shore
Arcing in the water
Flipping the fish they play with
As I continue my saunter

Energy from the water
Is calming to the mind
A day full ups and downs
The stresses left behind

As the sun drops on the horizon 
I give thanks for the therapy
A healing balm
Nature provides for free

Christine Bolton