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After the Storm – Poem of the Month – July 2020

After the Storm

Geography of sands
shifted by the storm
forming a river
through the dunes
Water collected 
in a cerulean bay
of calmness after the rage
Angry winds sweeping
seaweed and driftwood ashore 
Remnants of horseshoe crabs
Laid to rest on a beachy grave
Coffee-colored sea grasses
Pliable and resilient
Standing tall, now waving gently
Resistant to the wind
The ravages
of nature’s anger
Long gone
leaving only silence

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing © 

In response to Sue Vincent’s Weekly Write/Photo

Word Prompts

Coffee - Stream of Conciousness 
River - Word of the Day
Cerulean Bay - RDP
Abolish - FOWC


I am safely back from a lovely vacation and have been enjoying catching up on your posts and the lovely notes you left or me. Thank you so much!

Here is something I thought about while walking on the sand.


As the sun
turns to gold and
shadows grow long,
the sea takes
back footprints 
left in the sand
The traces we leave
or a simple touch
are soon forgotten
Fleeting moments
snatched back as if
never planned
Random messages
unspoken reminders
delivered in synchronicity
A sign life
is constantly moving
We easily misunderstand
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word of the Day - Unspoken

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay 
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