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Magic Moment

Magic Moment

The late afternoon air
carried a scent of rainfall
Dried and thirsty grass
finally refreshed
Sunshine cast its spell
in dramatic fashion
reflecting moisture
Impacting the landscape
with a rainbow painted
against the grey clouds
and that magic moment was complete

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Word Prompts

Rainbow - RDP
Impact - FOWC
Scent - Stream of Consciousness
Open link - Earthweal

Second Chance

Second Chance

The scent of pine
lingered in the forest
evoking memories
of sweetness
and innocence
Of summers long ago
when love was for the free
and life was for living
Now on this cool morning
catching my breath
I am here again
where it had begun
I cast my gaze
through the trees
and I saw him
Appearing as a silhouette
coming from the mist
Movements slow, deliberate
coming closer
My heart skipped
but I had no qualms
This was the moment
I had been waiting for
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


OctPoWriMo - Day 8 Scent and memories

Qualm - WotD
Slow - RDP
Cast - FOWC

Image by Samuel Low from Pixabay 



Time placed in a bottle
Saved for a rainy day
Remembrances sweet
A familiar scent
Jogging a memory
A feeling of foreplay

Slowing down
To savor the taste
Of delicious sentiments
Dancing in the mind
Toying with the senses
Having thoughts unchaste

Traveling back to that time
Bringing certain joy to the heart
Much younger then
The world was one’s oyster
The pearl for the taking
Lovers never to part

The hotel old and quaint
Room number 5
Overlooking the square
Lovemaking in the afternoon
Sipping on wine
Never felt more alive

Back in the present
Putting the photograph away
Pushing the time
Back in the bottle
Keeping the memory safe
Until it rains another day

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash

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