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A silent scream
that fell on deaf ears
she had become
A cry for help
that no one hears
in misery she succumbs
to her predicament
A neglected 
and used soul
Her heart trampled
down in the dirt
Her melancholy
takes its toll
her neck strangled
Her life now subvert
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©



I am wild
and boisterous
Fearless and fierce
I am me

I am adventurous
and curious
Gutsy and brave
I am me

I tow the line
and follow instructions
Respectful and dutiful
I am me

I am kind
and considerate
Thoughtful and benevolent
I am me

I care
and I love
Gentle and sweet
I am me

I write
and I create
Questioning and truthful
I am me

I argue
and fight
Cry and scream
I am me

I cause pain
and offend
Angry and indignant
I am human

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Go Dog Go Cafe Poem about Me

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