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One Liner Wednesday – Selfish?

Good morning! As we continue to exist in our Covid quarantined life, have you noticed how we are fundamentally changing? Before Covid we wouldn’t think twice about helping another pick up something that was dropped or fall into casual conversation while waiting in line. Now it’s like ‘I can’t help you, you might be contagious” or “I’m sorry, you’re beyond my 6’ social distance and you’re not wearing a mask” Are we becoming more selfish? Will we go back to being ourselves once we have overcome this virus? I sure hope so.

for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday



Shock and Awe
How can this be?
You have done it again
And made a fool out of me

I never see it coming
Always blind to your charms
I am jelly at the knees
And welcome you to my arms

Why do I not realize
How you can be so devious
I really am pathetic
Is it so obvious

I am an easy prey
For your wickedry
How your mind works
Will always flabbergast me

A poor excuse for a man
You are such a parasite
Feeding off others
As if it’s all right

You take what satisfies you
Shameless and selfish
My anger toward you
Bordering on hellish

Enough is enough
I can take you no more
Stay away from me
And never darken my door

Christine Bolton

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